What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con...? VOL. II!

Just a book cover teaser for ya…

Just a book cover teaser for ya…

Well, it is coming… Finally!

VOL. II is in the final stages. I am planning to release it on AUG 1st. Here is the description that is going on the Amazon book page. Pre sales will start soon.



Angels, devils, rock stars, porn stars, tornadoes, heart attacks, hook ups, angry squirrels, girls gone mild, fart bottles, baptists, buddhists, ancient hookers, “May I see some I.D. please”, oh my hentai, cartoon climaxes, “Howdy Sheriff”, up the river, down the river, blue flamers, booze, booze, booze and much more. All in a days Con.

The names and identities of all those involved have been absolutely omitted and will never see the light of day unless the person or persons involved in such acts wish to come forth on their own.

These stories have been told by those who were there or possibly second hand. Judge for yourself what is true and what is quite possibly an extreme exaggeration. Some of the telling of these stories has been spiced up some and a certain amount of dramatic license has occurred so that you will stay interested of course, but nothing to take away from the very real stories themselves. For my part, I know some of these to be absolutely true. I was there...

Anime conventions are a curious thing.

Around the world, virtually every weekend, at hotels, colleges, and conventions centers, thousands of people get together to share a wondrous common bond - a love of all things Anime.

For, usually 3 days, there are abundant curiosities, cosplay, exhibits, costumes, competitions, merchandise, video games, discussions, panels, drinking, parties, and celebrity guests to entice and entertain hordes of (predominantly normally introverted) fans of the genre.

Japanese Animation (Anime), though it has had a lower rung reputation for decades as a "Nerds Only" product, has gone mainstream. Hollywood has come calling, making movies based off of Anime, and Google reports up to 100 MILLION searches for Anime topics per month.

Anime is here to stay.

I have had the good fortune of being a celebrity guest at these conventions for over 14 years. Being an actor for over 30 years, I found the world of ADR (dubbing), as did so many other actors, through word of mouth and referrals from other actors.

When I began dubbing in 1993, it was simply another VO job. No one in the industry had any idea how big the Anime world would become. Or that appearing at conventions would even be a "thing."

But a "thing" it became.

Appearing at cons allowed me to travel the world, meet and befriend famous people, be treated like a celebrity, and (let's be honest) party my ass off in....

London, Montreal, Dublin, Sydney, Wellington, Toronto, NYC, Vancouver, Puerto Rico, Melbourne, Chicago, Miami, Brisbane, Christchurch, Perth, Seattle, Adelaide, Ottawa, Galway, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and more.

At cons, I was surrounded by awesome voice actors, film actors, Anime celebs, artists, and cosplayers, in a community of talented individuals who had the good fortune to be thrown together in a whirlwind of con craziness.

We appeared on panels together, signed autographs together, hung out with fans, and attended after parties. I have made some life long friends on the scene.

And I have a LOT of stories.

Being a writer, I penned What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con, VOL. I, in 2007. I have presented the stories in that book to thousands via my panels at cons. I have promised a VOL. II for many years. And now I am delivering.

This book has all the original stories (with an updated revision or two), and several new ones.

And I am including as many pics in this version that I can get approval for (no easy task, that).

I now have outgrown my wild party days. I am happily married, have a bouncing baby boy, and a growing business in other fields. I still make con appearances from time to time. I do love to travel. And maybe stir up a little silliness.

I hope you enjoy the crazy fun that is the convention scene. It has toned down somewhat, but it can still get crazy.


PS-I was the one in the tornado, the pick pocketer, and on the water slide.

Evangelion Onward. Shinji Signing Off.


The new Netflix dub of Evangelion is upon us!

The masses will decide as to the quality of the work done by the new cast and crew.

I for one, wish to congratulate every new voice actor who has taken up the mantle of Evangelion. In particular, I wish to congratulate Casey Mongillo, who has taken up the mantle of portraying Shinji.

As the English voice of Shinji for about 25 years, through the original series, and 6 sequential movies, I have had the privilege, the honor, and the responsibility to drive the character through all kinds of craziness, brought to us through the wild and amazing mind of Anno.

There is a special place in the hearts of many for Evangelion. It is far more than just an Anime series. It is, well, something more. Something deeper. There is literally “healing power” in this show.

What started out as just another acting job, for me, turned into something massive, transformative, and therapeutic. I mean, ugly crying, being on fire, battling evil angels, and screaming bloody murder is cathartic after all, right?

Over the years, I have been sent numerous emails, posts, and had many people profess to me at cons around the world, how Shinji’s struggles and triumphs helped them in their own lives.

Many of them thanked me profusely for the raw and real, vulnerable character that captured, and gave voice, to their own inner turmoil; that encapsulated how they felt in their own lives.

To be honest, I have not always taken this seriously. At first I had no idea of what Anime was and how serious people took it. Over time, I learned its power. Especially in Evangelion.

My own journey while Shinji was quite dramatic - divorce, bankruptcy, losing literally everything I knew and loved, narrowly side-stepping suicide, moving to LA (knowing only 4 people), rebuilding, finding I had a tidbit of notoriety in Anime, traveling the world, partying my ass off, then undergoing massive transformative self-improvement, finding my true love, having a baby boy, authoring several books, and rebuilding my real estate and coaching businesses.

Oh yeah, and talking in a bunch of silly voices. Yesterday I was a conniving duck.

Thanks, in no small part to Shinji, I was able to utilize my fame to not only appear at cons worldwide, but to create and present a self improvement program, aimed at strengthening men to be better, called “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips).”(www.dontkillyourdate.com).

It’s Foodie, it’s fun, and it has helped many men and women improve their communication and confidence and relationships. So, yes, among other things, Shinji is a dating coach. Iiiiiiiirony.

And if you’ve met my amazing wife, Kimberly Spencer at one of my panels, you know I gots the goods. Go Shinji, go Shinji….

Needless to say, Evangelion can be life changing. Especially for you, Casey Mongillo. Congratulations on jumping into the deep end of the pool. Oh the places you will go….

So, here is what to expect, and a couple tips for dealing with the Evangelion juggernaut that you have inherited.

You will be told to “Get in the Robot!” incessantly. By people who think it is the first time you have heard it, and they will think it is hilaaaarious! It will tend to get old. I believe it is not actually even in the show.

You will be asked to scream. This is totally up to you. For me, I’m not confirming nor denying that, back in the day, there may or may not have been a direct correlation between how well stocked in the adult beverage department the green rooms at cons were to the amount of screams I gave to fans.

“What are you, an idiot?!?” will be hurled at you from time to time. As long as you are not, at that moment being an idiot, the sting is minimal. I, many times, was being an idiot. So, the obvious answer at the time, was “well, duh.”

“In EoE, how did it feel to masturbate over Asuka?” Um, uh, er, weeell. Now, I know they think they are just being cheeky, but some of those outside of our industry, actually do seem to think we are all extremely serious method actors. I am not. You will have some very interesting conversations ahead of you. There was; however, a hilarious exchange between myself and my sistah from anotha mistah, Amanda Winn Lee, who directed the original EoE. My retelling might even be on them intrawebs somewhere!

You will be addressed as Shinji. This gets old fast. It is no biggie in most cases, but as you probably already know, there are some rabid fans, that don’t quite disconnect the two. This can sometimes be possibly dangerous. We recommend a safety word with security just in case. We have had many. My favorite was, “Ooooh Granny!” and possibly “Pancakes.”

You will be told EVERYTHING about some people’s personal life and pain. This one can be serious. I am sure you have dealt with plenty of fans at cons by now. But, wow. There will be some deep stuff that you will be privy to. Some of which, may make you want to contact the authorities. People will feel connected to you unlike anything else. It can be quite sobering.

You will feel loved. This I can say for certain. EVA fans are amazing. You will have touched a nerve in a whole new generation of fans, and for that I am very excited for you. There will be some detractors, and everybody has an opinion. Duly noted. But overall, the massive fan base will love you.

To the fans I say, give Casey an honest chance. I have not seen the show yet, and will be watching live tonight at our EVA OG Watch Party. I am going into it with a blank slate. It is not my story, but a new one. With a familiar through line. So I am interested to see where it goes too.

Casey, as your predecessor. I am sending you nothing but love.

Welcome to the family of 2. Shinjis all.

When we meet, if I may, I will gladly greet you with open arms and a big ole bear hug. Cuz I, and I alone, know the path you are about to travel, possibly for many years to come.

May it bring you massive amounts of joy, adventure, and good fortune.

To all the cast, some I know, some new, I say the same. Enjoy it all and welcome to the EVA family. Dysfunctional, wacky, whiny, screamy, exhilarating, creepy, beautiful, and sometimes just plain silly, though it may be, it is family nonetheless.

Once again, to the fans… Thank you. For 25 years I have been the Shinji that many of you have grown up with. Many of you have even introduced your children to EVA (oh boy…). You have given me tons of love, admiration, and respect. Just know that I am still here. I am still that Shinji. Your Shinji.

Now it is time for a new generation to meet Shinji #2, and start their journey.

After all… God’s in his heaven, All’s right with the world.

Shinji #1, out.

If you wish to join in on the EVA OG Watch Party online tonight Friday June 21st at 7 PM to watch Amanda Winn Lee and Spike Spencer watch the first episode and have a Q&A afterward, go to http://bit.ly/EVAOGs and get signed up ASAP. Registration closes at 5 pm PST.

Spike is currently in production of his upcoming book “What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con, Vol. II” To keep informed on the release date and other Spike stuff, join his fan club and subscribe to his list: https://www.spikespencer.com/fan-club

**For those of you who know nothing about Spike outside of Shinji, check this badass bio out!

Spike Spencer talks goofy for a living… Seriously

Spike Spencer is an internationally recognized, award winning voice actor and speaker, and the world’s #1 Master Trainer on Relationship Sales Dynamics™ - skyrocketing success in business and dating/relationships at the same time up to 300%. He is an author, certified NLP coach, and a certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer.

In the business world, Spike brings insights from over 20 years in the real estate investment world. He has flipped, wholesaled, landlorded, and managed millions of dollars worth of single family and multi family apartments. Using the Clear-Connect-Close strategies of his Relationship Sales Dynamics™ training, he helps entrepreneurs become more successful from the inside out. www.SpikeSpencer.com

Spike was also featured in a Netflix docu-series called “Being Dad,” from the Chicken Soup for the Soul production company.

Spike helps highly successful businessmen to become highly successful on their dating/relationship side. Spike has written for Neil Strauss, Men's Health, Your Tango, Singles Warehouse UK (Dating Expert), DatingAdvice.com, Carlos Xuma, and more. Through his fun dating/relationships website, www.DontKillYourDate.com, Spike is helping guys become better MEN, constantly improving themselves, and communicating with women; utilizing cooking, food, travel, humor and adventure as the medium. He is the author of "FoodGame™ - A Man’s Ultimate Recipe For Dating Success."

A Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP) Master Hack For The Rest Of Us.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.32.47 PM.png

If you have been in the business world for a minute or two, you have probably done various and sundry business trainings. Some have yielded returns, some have not.

Whether you have trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) or not, you know some of the techniques and have probably used them yourself to some degree.

If you have no idea what NLP is, it is basically the study of excellence and reverse engineering to figure out how to accomplish it. The idea being, if someone else has ever done a thing, then others can as well by following the same pattern. Or as you have probably heard the world's best NLP guy, Tony Robbins, say, "Success leaves clues."

In your sales trainings over the years, you have undoubtedly heard of "matching and mirroring" prospects, developing deep rapport, figuring out buying strategies, etc. All deeply rooted in NLP.

I am a certified NLP practitioner and coach. I use parts of NLP in my different programs and have found that in certain arenas, there is no substitute for what NLP can do. It can indeed look like magic to the untrained eye when someone can flip a switch and suddenly change their entire persona. It really is amazing.

But that is a deep training, one on one situation, facilitated by highly trained individuals.

What about the rest of us that aren't trained in NLP, don't really have the desire to do a deep dive, and would really enjoy some of the benefits and results of the techniques?

Well, there is hope! I recently came across what I have called an "NLP Master Hack."

It is called B.A.N.K.™ and it is nothing less than stunning.

You see, in the sales world, the holy grail, is the "Yes." Closing that sale. In NLP, to get there, we would figure out the person's "buying strategy."

Figuring out a person's buying strategy, is discovering the internal and external processes that cause them to make a buying decision. This is done in various ways, including asking many questions, eye patterns, visual and audio clues that they will give, and more. In short, there's a lot that goes into it.

And it takes some time. Even the best NLP practitioners take several minutes to discern a person's strategies. But how many minutes is a prospect actually going to give you? And what if you are not highly trained?

This is where B.A.N.K.™ comes in.

B.A.N.K.™ is the only methodology in the world, scientifically proven, to predict a person's buying behavior. And get this, it can do it in less than 90 seconds.

What if you could walk up to a cold prospect, hand them 4 plastic cards, have them sort them, and they hand them back to you in seconds, sorted in a way that tells you exactly what their buying strategy is. Would that be beneficial? Well, duh.

That is exactly what Cheri Tree, the inventor of the system, has done. In 2017 she wrote the book "Why They Buy" and it has skyrocketed sales for many companies and thousands of individuals world wide. It took her 20 years to hone it and bring it to market.

And now, not only can you "crack people's buying codes" in person; you can do it online with their proprietary IP. That is 24/7 lead generation where people give you their buying strategies before you ever even talk to them.

In full disclosure, I was so impressed, that I became a certified and licensed B.A.N.K.™trainer to add it to my coaching/consulting business and close more sales personally.

But don't take my word for it, see it for yourself. Go crack your own code, for free, and learn your buying strategy. It might surprise you.

Just go here www.mybankcode.com/spencer and sort the 4 cards in seconds. You will get a free personality report (valued at $97) for free, on me. A report, unlike any other personality test you have taken.

You will see what a true NLP master hack looks like. Enjoy finding your strategy!

If you would like any more info, and/or a free 45 minute training for you and your teams, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, or reach out at info@spikespencer.com

One Thing Accounts for 90% Of Your Success. And Here's How To Keep 'Em Happy!

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 6.33.45 PM.png

In the business world, there are studies here and studies there. You can find validation for your hypothesis in research conducted somewhere, and validation for the exact opposite of your hypothesis in research conducted somewhere else. It can be maddening!

As far as research goes on the topic of relationships though, the vast majority all point to the same thing - the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life on every level. Well duh. Thanks science.

Harvard's longest study on adult development, helmed by Dr. Robert Waldinger, came to the conclusion that good relationships do indeed keep us healthier and happier. "Our study has shown that the people who fared the best were the people who leaned into relationships, with family, with friends, with community," Waldinger said.

And I'm sure you have probably heard the quote from H. Jackson Brown, Jr. in his "21 Suggestions For Success," where he states “Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.

As a man who has gone through an awful gut wrenching divorce, that wrecked my business, forcing me into bankruptcy, and losing literally everything, I gotta say, he's definitely onto something there.

Having clawed my way back from that terrible downfall, to not only survive, but thrive and find my true perfect mate, I truly see the validity in the hypothesis. And boy does it make life more fun when you marry your best friend! The amount of support you get from living with someone who is your biggest cheerleader, is the best ROI you will ever receive. You can see a bit of our journey on the Netflix docu-series "Being Dad" from the Chicken Soup for the Soul Production co.

Not only that, but having a positive, grounded, and stable relationship is the best foundation from which to build a business. Just like building a house, that foundation must be solid to support the weight of all that goes on top. Build with an unstable spouse, cracks will appear, multiply, and inevitably collapse the entire structure.

So, how do we choose the right spouse? Eeenie meenie miney moe, is not a suitable selection process. Choosing a spouse based solely on looks is quite sketchy, and can possibly lead to restraining orders and/or golf clubs to the old Escalade side mirrors. And the old idiom of "opposites attract" is almost completely flawed, as research has shown that they most certainly do attract, for about 6 months, then they start to repel.

The best way I have found, in my years of relationship research and training, is a combination of mutual attraction, interests, values, respect, active listening, similar personality types, and a never ending process of learning and self improvement. There, it's just that simple.

Okay, it's obviously not simple. But it is completely doable, and here are some tips and tools to help you find exactly the right person.

In my Relationship Sales Dynamics™training, I teach businesses and individuals how to Clear-Connect-Close. The underlying theme on all of those modules is communicating with people. If you are not heard, then nothing else matters.

Communication is the key.

I thought I had great communication and connection with my first wife. Finding her in an affair with my best pal, cured me of that particular delusion. And set me on a mission to learn to REALLY communicate in the future.

Knowing how your intended mate processes the information that you are sending to them, is of paramount importance. For example, have you ever sent a text with what you believed was a crystal clear message, that was completely misconstrued on the receiving end? Yeah, me too.

There are three particularly effective ways I have found to really connect and communicate with my amazing wife, who is my biggest cheerleader. (In full disclosure, we were both actual cheerleaders in school). Hopefully you can utilize them and find your biggest cheerleader.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). What exactly is NLP? Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind. Or a simpler version is that NLP is the study of excellence and deconstructing the processes involved.

I'm not talking about getting deep into NLP strategies and techniques here, which requires a lot of study and training. I am talking about the very simple aspect of representational systems, or how we receive information. We all receive data from the outside world via the same pathways - our senses, yet the intensity on each individual sense can vary hugely between different people.

The main 4 ways we collect info are Visual (V), Auditory (A), Kinesthetic (K)(feeling), and Audio Digital (AD)(self talk). One of these 4 is usually the primary receiver with another in a close second.

For example, I am a strong AD with Visual next. Meaning I need data and have a lot going on in my head, and I like to see things clearly. My wife is primarily Audio, with Kinesthetic being next. For her, she gets her input strongly from sound and feelings. So what the heck does that mean in practice?

I know a hug and telling her softly that I love her, is far better than a card or flowers. I know that when our baby is crying, it is grating on her nerves like crazy, while I am able to tune it out for the most part. I know if I say I'm sorry, it has to be at very low volume with sincerity to be actually heard. Being emphatic is not a good thing here.

She knows I am constantly "in my head," working things out, and I like to see things in action, not hear about how great something is. I learn better while actually doing something, and watching a video rather than audio only. I also tend to get lost in instructions and details, causing analysis paralysis.

There are a myriad of ways NLP can enhance a relationship, I am only touching the very thin surface here. Learn your partners representational system and it will pay great dividends over time. Get your free NLP Representational Systems test HERE.

The Five Love Languages (LL). In his book, Gary Chapman spells out the 5 Love Languages we speak to one another. These cover how we give and how we receive love. And just like with NLP you have a primary and a secondary language.

The 5 Languages are:

Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Understanding yourself and how you receive and give love is just as important as knowing your partner's language. Often they are completely different. Speaking the wrong Love Language can leave you saying the opposite of what you think you are saying.

For example, my main LL is Acts of Service, then Physical Touch. I DO things to show my wife how much I love her - clean things, do the dishes, cook, watch the baby, help her in any way I can, etc. That is me giving her love. It is also how I wish to receive love. Not just physically, but in her DOing things to help me. Those dishes aren't going to do themselves, right? (Note, I actually do ALL the dishes, you can watch my Dishwashing Zen videos to prove it. :)

My wife's dominant LL is Words of Affirmation, then Physical Touch. She loves telling people how great they are. This is part of what makes her a great coach. She is indeed a Sparkly Badass Cheerleader! This is also where things can get tricky in communication.

You see, she can tell me all day how she is proud of me or that I am great, or nifty, or even the sexiest fella alive, but if I have not DONE something to feel I deserve it, the compliment can come across as veiled patronization. Similarly if I DO something for her, but don't TELL her how I feel, or give her a compliment, my efforts are all for naught. This could lead to fights if you are not aware of the languages.

You can see how you may not be speaking the right Love Language to your partner, and this could be the cause of a major rift between you. You truly may just be speaking a different language. Google translate that shizzle right now and get on the same page. Find your Love Languages HERE.

B.A.N.K™ - The World's #1 Personality Training System

Imagine if you could know what a person values. Not on the simple surface plane, but on a deep level. And what if you could find out in less than 90 seconds, with scientific validation backing it up? In the business world it is huge. But what is less known, is that on the relationships side, it is saving marriages, healing families, and literally saving lives.

Yes, it is personality test based, but do not be fooled. There is a lot more going on under the hood. Cheri Tree invented the B.A.N.K.™ system as a way for her to make more sales when she was a struggling commission only salesperson. She had to find a way to make more sales when all the other sales trainings out there were not working for her.

She didn't set out to change the world, or help couples communicate better. She wanted to be a millionaire! Well, she did that several times over, because the system works. And yes, I teach it as part of my Relationship Sales Dynamics™ program. So you can make a lot more money, but that is another article altogether.

For keeping your partner happy, B.A.N.K.™ is incredible. In a nutshell, B.A.N.K.™ stands for the 4 personality types - Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, Knowledge. And they can be as different as night and day. What turns one of them on can turn all the others off.

Like the Love Languages, you need to know how to speak to your partner in their Language or they may not understand you. Unlike the Love Languages, there is not simply a dominant and sub-dominant language. We are all completely independent variations of all four B.A.N.K.™ "codes." In order to know how to speak your partners code, you have to crack it first. And you have to know what it means. You can watch the B.A.N.K.™ on relationships video here.

Luckily it is quite easy to understand once you get into it. But let me try to sum it up in a simple example. My code is AKBN. Knowing the codes means I am high Action. My wife's code is ANKB, meaning she is high Action also. This is good news!!! Why?...

When people say opposites attract, they are not wrong. But they leave out the time frame. After awhile, the very things that attracted you to your mate, can start to grind at your nerves. B.A.N.K.™ gives you the heads up so you can avoid that problem. We are both high Action codes. We have similar mutual values.

B.A.N.K.™ is more than a personality test. It is based in VALUES. Know what your partner values and speak to that. There are four codes, each one is a different language. We all naturally speak from our predominant code. When we do, only a similar code understands us. AKBN-ANKB. Our dominant language is the same.

If we were AKBN - NBKA do you think there would be miscommunication? Big time! Unless you understand the codes and can speak the different "languages." There are 12 dominant values to each code. There are over 300 triggers and tripwires that can derail a sale, a marriage, even a family.

We are all made up of all 4 codes. There are 24 different combinations of codes. Meaning you have a little over a 4% chance that your message is being received the way you intended to send it. By knowing your code (your delivery language), and knowing your partners code (their receiving language), you will crack open the Da Vinci Code like cryptex that holds all their communication secrets and take it to the B.A.N.K.™

The Loooooove Bank, awwwwww yeeeeeeeahhh.....

Crack your (and your partner's) B.A.N.K.™ code here for free.

To wrap it up, these three tools and techniques form the basis of my Relationship Sales Dynamics™ system. As you can see it is incredibly valuable in the world of relationships as well as in the business world. Far too few people in business make the crossover connection that training and improving your emotional and romantic side of life can pay even greater dividends than attending that next mastermind, summit, or boot camp.

These three simple tools can be the most powerful foundation for your business. Because without the right partner, you could be on a very shaky foundation indeed. I should know... Oh wait, I do know...

Spike Spencer is an internationally recognized authority on Relationship Sales Dynamics™, bridging the gap between business and dating/relationships trainings. He is a public speaker, author, executive consultant, certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, and a Level 2 B.A.N.K.™ Master Trainer for business and relationships.

His fun dating/relationships website, “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips)”- DontKillYourDate.com, is a site helping guys become better MEN, constantly improving themselves, and their communications with women; utilizing cooking, food, travel, humor and adventure as the medium.

Why Your Presentations Are Falling Flat (And What To Do About It)

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 4.39.07 PM.png

Have you ever been giving a business presentation to a prospect, or even a long time client; things seem to be going well, then all of a sudden you see their eyes glaze over, and you know you just lost that sale?

Did you know that according to Salesforce.com:

87% of people giving business presentations do not feel adequately prepared. And 66% of people on the receiving end are being turned off by the presentation.

But that's okay right? Because we have all been told that sales is a numbers game, right? In order to get more Yes's we have to get more.... what? I'm willing to bet that you just said "No's" in your head.

Well, that has been the prevailing sales wisdom of the ages. Get out there, throw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

What a load of crap. Or, "Horse Puckey!" as Colonel Potter used to say. Okay, only the older folks got that reference....

In order to get more Yes's, doesn't it make sense that you should....wait for it..... Get more YES's?!? I mean, if you are going out into the cold dark and stormy sales world with the intention of getting more No's, then doesn't it stand to reason that that is exactly what you are going to get?

I am here to show you a new way of thinking. A way of getting to the YES faster, by giving the right presentation to the right recipient, 100% of the time. Yes, you heard that right.

The reason why those percentage numbers for presentations are so bad, is actually very simple. You are merely giving the wrong presentation to the wrong person...About 96% of the time.* Those are very bad odds indeed.

No wonder you are getting more No's.

You see, our old buddy Hippocrates (pictured, having people talk to the hand) gave us the secret when he discovered the 4 Temperaments, where the humors of the body were affected differently by 4 bodily fluids, which affected human personality traits and behaviors.

He was right on! Well, except for the blood-lettings, leeches, and whatnot. In the realm of personality, the world has known that there are 4 personality types for centuries. In fact businesses spend billions of dollars each year trying to decipher exactly how to market to the 4 personality types.

Problem is, there is no consensus as to what exactly makes up the 4 different personalty types. There are dozens of personality "tests" - MBTI, DISC, Color Codes, various animal types, cookies, you name it. And each one stresses different facets of what make up an endless array of possibilities.

And all these tests have one thing in common. They are not making you any more money.

When was the last time you went in to a cold meeting and asked your prospect, "Hey, I'd like to know how to market to you, will you take this 25 question (or way more) personality test for me?" Exactly.... Never gonna happen.

So, what do you do? You give the presentation you know. And hope for the best. How's that workin out for ya?

There are 4 different personality types. Sure. There are differing views on what exactly that means for each one. Yup. You are one of these personality types too right? Yet you are far more than just an introvert, or rational, or a peacock.

So how do you make money with personality types? You find out one simple thing that ties them all together and speak to that.

You find out Why They Buy. And you have to do it fast. There is only one thing in the world that can do this. And it is called B.A.N.K.™

Let me make it simple. B.A.N.K.™has 4 personality types and is exactly like all the other personality tests out there... Only completely different. Why?

B.A.N.K.™is the only methodology in the world, scientifically validated, to predict a person's buying behavior in 90 seconds or less. And increase sales up to 300% (but I'll get to that in a later article).

So why are your presentations falling flat? Well, if there are 4 different personality types, and you only have one presentation. What are the chances you are going to give the right presentation to the right personality type?

And remember, unless you are a stoic chunk of wood, you have a personality type too. When you are giving that presentation, you are giving it from the prospective of your personality.

Therefore, as one of the 4 personality types, the chances of you giving the right presentation is 1 in 4, or 25%. You are giving the wrong presentation 3 out of 4 times, or put in a harsher way, 75% of the time, you are turning your prospect off.

And to put it in an even harsher way, you are giving your competition 75% of the income that could be yours, if you only knew how to speak the other person's "Personality Language."

So, there ya go. Now you know why most of your presentations are falling flat. 75% of them literally cannot understand you! You're welcome. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Well, the first step would be to accept a gift! Let me show you how easy it is to crack someone's values personality code, or Why They Buy.

Go to: www.mybankcode.com/spencer and crack your own code to find out which one of the personalities you are presenting from. You will get a full blown report for free, on me (valued at $97) showing you, scientifically, what you value in your decision making process.

If you want to turn those NO's into YES's, you now have a starting point to work from, and an introduction to a vehicle to take you there in style.

I will have another article coming soon that will show you how cracking their code works to find those coveted YES's. But for now, I'll just leave you with your gift. Enjoy.


Spike Spencer, (www.SpikeSpencer.com) is an Executive Consultant, Certified NLP coach, and a Licensed and Certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer. Spike has spoken internationally on Real Estate, and on Relationships in Business and Personal Life, showing businesses and organizations how to Clear-Connect-Close, increasing their sales dramatically through Relationship Sales Dynamics.

*If at this point my assertion of 96% is rubbing you the wrong way, since I referenced 75%; I can already tell you your dominant personality code. And, yes, I will elaborate soon. Or, you can always hit me up here on LinkedIn and ask me for more info. Just sayin...

How I Can Help Grant Cardone (And You) Increase Your Sales Up To 300%

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Grant Cardone is a frickin genius. Period. He has helped thousands become better salespeople. He has invested money for others and made them great returns. He makes investing in multifamily an entertaining show, that breaks down what can be a very daunting proposition into easily understandable chunks. I know, I have invested in a lot of real estate.

Grant is also a marketing wizard, coming from nowhere in the social media world, skrocketing to the top in a very short time. Obviously, I am a fan. I mean, we both came from the Southeast, him from Lake Charles, me from Houston. We both invest in real estate (him far more than me). We both married amazing, beautiful, talented, women. And we are both ruggedly handsome individuals, and smell really nice. I am assuming he does, I have not sniffed him. But I digress...

I learned long ago, that if you find a way to give strong value to others; you will always do well. I have found a way to do just that for Grant, you, and many others. So here it is.

In Grant's Slideshare and other teachings, he presents the DISC Personality Training System as part of his sales strategy. DISC is a great personality assessment tool. I am not casting aspersions toward DISC in any way. It is what it is. Just like MBTI, Color Code, a bunch of animals, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Still, according to Salesforce.com, 87% of all sales people do not feel prepared for their presentations. And 66% of those receiving presentations are turned off by the presenters. How can this be? These personality tests have been around forever. Shouldn't there be validation that they actually do something?

To clarify, let's say you are building a deck. You are doing a good job, everything looks fine, and you are happy with the results so far. But you have been screwing in every screw by hand with a little screwdriver. Time consuming and difficult to do. Now, I have a kickass power drill that can make fast work of this deck. I want to show you how it works, so you can get this bad boy done, and move on to the next project. In that vein,,,,

*What if I told you, there was a better, more effective, more profitable to your bottom line personality test?

*What if I told you that you could give this test to any other human being in less than 90 seconds and build immediate rapport?

*What if, by using this incredibly simple, easy to follow, proven system, your prospect/client would tell you EXACTLY how to sell to them?

*What if, this easy fun test could close bigger deals, shorten the sales process, and skyrocket your sales by up to 300%?


It has been taught to Harvard Business classes, and Berkeley Masters students. It is in 40+ countries, and has been honed and perfected over 20 years. In 2016 San Francisco State University did a study on it's effectiveness, and published a white paper validating it's power.

Do I have your attention now? It is all true, and it is all in a Simple System called B.A.N.K.™ And it just works.

But don't believe me, believe Les Brown, who said, "“B.A.N.K. is a GAME-CHANGING OPPORTUNITY for every entrepreneur and sales professional.” Les is now working with us in his organization.

B.A.N.K.™has also been endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Barbara Corcoran and many more. So what the heck is it, and why haven't you heard of it?

Well, you are hearing about it now. And so is Grant. I think.... Hi Grant.

B.A.N.K.™is a system invented by Cheri Tree, my teacher and mentor. In 2017 she wrote the book "Why They Buy" which finally introduced her creation to the world. She hacked Personality Sales Training, taking her commissions from $700 a year to over $1.3 Million. She trained me, I am a Licensed and Certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer. And I want to help you.

Imagine a simple fun test you can give to anyone, anywhere, using four little cards that you can easily carry with you. You hand the cards to your prospect/client and ask them to sort them, and give them back to you. (Everyone does this, as they will learn about their favorite subject, themselves). When they do this, they have just given you a roadmap to how they make buying decisions. They have just told you HOW TO SELL TO THEM.

With this easily accessed roadmap, you can now tailor your sales presentation to fit EXACTLY into the parameters that they use to make their buying decisions. In short, they give you the exact code to crack their own personal Codex and reveal to you the Holy Grail of sales - their "Yes."

Tony Robbins says "Let your prospect determine your presentation." Well, now you really can. You can now speak their language.

Think of it this way, all personality science tells us that there are FOUR separate personality types. Thanks Hippocrates. Yet, how many presentations do you have to give to your prospects? Probably ONE. Which means you are not speaking the "language" of the other THREE personalities. They literally cannot understand you. 75% of your presentations fall on deaf ears.

You are one of these four personality types, and that is the "language" you are presenting from. Let me give you an example. You are presenting to 4 people. One speaks English, one speaks Spanish, one speaks French, and one speaks Japanese.

You only have a presentation in English. So which one is going to understand you? Now, what if you could speak Spanish too? You just increased your chances of success by 100%, because they can actually hear you. What if you could also speak French? You have now increased your possibility of success by 200%. Add Japanese to the mix, and every single person can actually understand you.

If you could know exactly which personality you were speaking to, you could speak their "language" EVERY SINGLE TIME. You have just increased the possibility of increasing your sales up to 300%. Will you close em all? Probably not, but your chances just went WAY UP.

If you do speak another language, isn't it amazing how fast you gain rapport when someone speaks the same language you do. Their eyes just light up! Or even when you are traveling and you are from the same area, there is an instant connection. The exact same idea applies to B.A.N.K.™ I've seen it numerous times.

So, how does this help Grant and/or you? Well, if you are using DISC, or any other personality test, for that matter, how are you going to get a cold prospect (or warm client for that matter) to take a long, multi question, personality test? Let me answer that, you won't. And if you did, are you ready to fork out $59, or more, for each one? That's crazy talk.

All other personality tests tell us about our favorite subject, US. How we think, feel, react. Are we outgoing, introverted, etc. All that is great. But how does that make you any money? Do any of them have any validated scientific proof that they can make you more money?

You need to know how to gain immediate rapport, speak another person's value language, cut to the chase, and close more deals, pronto!

What's the best way to do this? ASK them.

Wanna see how crazy easy it is? Go to my affiliate site and crack your own code in less than 90 seconds: www.mybankcode.com/spencer

Not only will you get your own FULL personality report for FREE (a $97 value), I have just showed you how you can crack anyone's code in the world in less than 90 seconds. In fact, when Cheri was speaking at a conference in Europe recently, she cracked over 500 at one time.

WOW! That's a lot of personality tests! I bet that cost a fortune!!! What if I told you it cost $99. For ALL of them. And as many more as needed. That is $99 (a month), and so frickin what?!? That's amazing.

Bottom line: No other personality test tells you Why They Buy. They work on psychology. B.A.N.K.™ works on "Buy"ology, how people make buying decisions based on their VALUES. No other test in the world can do that. If you understand NLP, I call it an NLP Master Hack. (I am also a certified NLP coach, just so ya know)

By adding the B.A.N.K.™ system to your business training, you will:

Close more and bigger deals, gain instant rapport, give the exact right presentation EVERY time, build teamwork within your organization, get more YESs than NOs, and increase your sales by up to 300%. All of this in less than 90 seconds, and all of this backed up by science.

And you can take that to the B.A.N.K.™

So Grant, (or you of course) if you are interested in seeing exactly how I can help fill in these gaps in your sales systems and increase your sales fast, you can contact me here on LinkedIn, or go to www.SpikeSpencer.com

I hope I can be of service to you. Because you know you deserve it, and I'm sure you smell nice too.

Spike Spencer, is an Executive Consultant, certified NLP coach, and a certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer. Spike has spoken internationally on Real Estate, and on Relationships in Business and Personal Life, showing businesses and organizations how to Clear-Connect-Close, increasing their sales dramatically through Relationship Sales Dynamics.

He has been investing in real estate since the mid 90’s. He has extensive experience in all facets of purchasing, selling, rehabbing for value add, management, and creative strategies for maximizing profit upon exit. Spike is actively seeking out under valued properties in emerging markets all across the US to add to his portfolio and is an Alumni of the University of Houston.

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*This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.