After flipping, wholesaling, landlording, and managing millions of dollars of single and multi-family properties, I can tell you one thing…

Real estate investing is a serious business. But who says it can’t be a whole lot of fun?!?

  • You don’t need a license.

  • You don’t need any money. (Er, I mean, you don’t need any of your money).

  • You can do it from anywhere in the world.

  • 90% of all millionaires made their money in real estate.

  • ANYONE can do it!

  • You control the amount of risk you can tolerate.

  • You can earn INFINITE returns on your money.

If all that doesn’t sound like an awful lot of fun, then I simply don’t know what fun is.

Real Estate Ignition Hyperdrive - 90 Minute STARTegic Consult
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You’ve spent thousands on real estate trainings with nothing to show. It’s not the training, it’s YOU.

The trainings work. Real estate investing works. You also have to DO the work. And if you are not; then something is holding you back.

You have to get out of your own way and you need to do it NOW.

I will give you 5 actionable strategies, customized to your own particular situation, that you can put into play immediately to ignite and supercharge your real estate investment.

Or you can do nothing, sit on the launch pad, while other people just like you, utilize the same trainings and blast off ahead of you.

It’s time for you to START. Now let’s get STARTEGIC!

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If you have spent thousands of dollars on real estate courses, seminars, boot camps, trainings, bus tours, coaching and mentor programs, and yet you still have no investments, no cash flow, no property, and nothing to show for it…


Here’s a big secret:

All the trainings actually work. The concepts are fairly simple. The execution is the problem.

Why are you not pulling the trigger? Flipping the switch? Lightin this bad boy on fire?

Something is holding you back. And it’s right between your ears.

And you are not alone. Did you know that at any seminar, workshop, boot camp, etc. only 1% of attendees are expected to actually do anything.

Even if they plopped down tens of thousands of dollars!

It’s time to invest only a fraction of what you’ve already spent, to insure that you don’t lose all of your investment.

So dust off those old real estate trainings and get ready to learn the real power in real estate investment - TAKING ACTION!