Let me bring entertainment + laughter to your audience.

You need professionalism with a dose of humor to make your projects shine. That's my specialty. Whether in the VO booth or on stage, I find just the right way to convey your message and make it the best it can possibly be, so your project shines!

I collaborate with you to find exactly the right tone, character, and feeling that you need, and I will not stop till we get it 100% right for you.


[Spike] did amazing work, nailing so many takes so fast. A total pro, he was quick to adjust to notes, totally in control of his instruments, and easy to work with.”
— "League of Legends" Game Developer on Spike as Kled

You may have seen me as one of these...

Spike was very professional and hit the mark every time. He was also kind enough to divide up the audio file according to individual takes so I could sort through it easier later. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat!
— Brooks Briggs, Saxton Horne Advertising