“I loved having the opportunity to work with Spike as a personal coach. His ability to help me create goals and focus on direction with purpose was heartfelt and amazing. His encouraging manner and contagious energy inspire others to reach for greatness. Spike has been a true blessing to my personal life and career, his compassion for those he works with came through his commitment to help me develop strong goals that will challenge my talents. I recommend Spike to anyone looking for a professional who will push you to reach your highest potential while offering the support along the journey. Thank you Spike for being such an inspiration and now becoming a resource for life and a dear friend!”
— Lauri Waddell, International speaker, coach, mentor, and real estate investor


This is the process Spike uses to help entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, couples, families, and organizations, etc. to communicate better and find mutual success.

CLEAR - Utilizing various techniques, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Spike gets to the heart of the matter quickly, removing impediments from the "Mental Hurdles" inflicting productivity, implementation, and unity.

CONNECT - Using various techniques, predominantly the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales Methodology, Spike teaches how to communicate and gain almost INSTANT rapport, increase sales up to 300% with a scientifically validated and proven system, and avoid risk, by always delivering the right presentation 100% of the time.

CLOSE - The old paradigm of "Always Be Closing" no longer fits for the new sales era of "collaboration over confrontation." Spike preaches "Always Be Opening," fostering relationships that go on long beyond the sales process, leading to referrals, genuine partnerships, and long lasting goodwill. A win-win-win-win-win-win, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

“Spike has a presence that allows you to be ensured on a deep level that you are in good hands. He has a personality that puts you immediately at ease, as if you’re reuniting with your best friend. Not only that, he’s incredibly perceptive; he “sees” you. And from there, it’s easy to get below the surface and do change work that will bring you a lifetime of benefit.”
— Erin Vazquez, Performance Coach, ErinVazquez.com
“Spike is awesome and makes working on yourself fun and easy. His coaching has made a tremendous difference to me and it has changed my view of the world. I popped with him a lot and had major shifts!!! Thanks Coach Spike.
— Ganga Tarwady