I talk goofy for a living... Seriously.

And I have done so for thousands of clients for over 30 years of VO wackiness. Everything from a luxury car spokesperson to a magical talking cat friend of Barbie, from evil demons in World of Warcraft to a peppy teenager waxing poetic over McDonalds breakfast sandwiches, I have a multitude of characters in my cranium waiting to be released for your project.

Mr. Spencer doesn’t just read lines, he performs them. We were looking for a very stylized sort of reading and he nailed it with only basic directions. He was pleasure to work with - highly recommended.
— Stephen Baker, S2 Games (Strife)

Career highlights

  • Hundreds of VO commercials for big name clients.
  • Hundreds of animated characters for various projects.
  • Was a voice on Oscar Nominated "Ernest and Celestine."
  • Lead role on Nickelodeon series "Get Blake" as "Mitch."
  • Spokesperson for numerous Fortune 500 companies.
  • Voice of Anime's most popular character "Shinji" (IGN.com)
  • "Celebrity Guest" appearances at conventions internationally.
  • Voice of two League of Legends champions (Kled & Wukong).
Going to keep Spike in our favorites rolodex. Wonderful character voices.
— Carl Puccio, Talent Sprout

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