Give Your Brand a Voice


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Ready to Increase Your Sales Up To 300%?

Utilizing techniques that are scientifically validated to predict your prospects buying behaviors, build almost instant rapport, and connect on a deeper level, faster than you ever thought possible, leading to your organization closing more and bigger deals faster.

Want a better relationship? Personally, or in business, the basics are the same. You have to...


Let Spike show you how to COMMUNICATE on a much deeper level with all those around you. STRENGTHEN your personal relationships with family, friends and colleagues. BUILD your sales team into a cohesive coordinating force to be reckoned with. IMPROVE every aspect of your business and personal life and achieve levels of success you know you deserve.

Let Spike Speak For You, Now

(in many of his various voices).

Spike Spencer is an International Public Speaker, Award-Winning Voice Actor, Relationship Sales Trainer, Author, and Success Coach.

His brand of public speaking has been called ferocious honesty with a very silly delivery system. No one gives life to dreary corporate material like Spike can! His talks on building and strengthening communication in business and personal relationships have entertained thousands across the globe.

As an award winning Public Speaker for over 3 decades, a Certified Neuro-Lingusitic Programming Coach, a Licensed and Certified Trainer in the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales System, a veteran of 20 years in the Real Estate Investment world, and a world class, internationally known, award winning professional Voice Actor for over 30 years, Spike brings a truly unique perspective to his Relationship Sales Training.

Spike has a natural and infectious enthusiasm for his work. And he truly has a gift for quickly establishing an easy rapport with all of our participants; he is quick to ascertain just what it is that they need to learn regarding their people leadership skills.  Spike is equally gifted in articulating very constructive feedback that is both specific and honest.
— Anne Peterson V.P. Marketing M.I. Zingale & Associates