Mr. Spencer doesn’t just read lines, he performs them. We were looking for a very stylized sort of reading and he nailed it with only basic directions. He was a pleasure to work with - highly recommended.
— Stephen Baker, S2 Games (Strife)

Spike has been a professional Voice Artist for over 30 years. He can add that professional touch to any and all of your events and productions that need a voice. Fortunately for you, Spike has a LOT of voices that he can call upon to make your projects more entertaining and informative at the same time. Even if you have never heard of Spike, there's a good chance your kids have...

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          Behind The Voice Actors Awards

          Behind The Voice Actors Awards



Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Video Game (2015)

Nominee for "Bravely Default: Flying Fairy - "Ringabel"



British demo