The Reluctant Hero’s Journey


“You Have Greatness Within You.” - Les Brown

This is a membership group (predominantly in the Anime community), to improve every part of your life, take the helm of your destiny, and become the strong person you always wanted to be.

You will join a family of like minded individuals on the same path. You will receive high level coaching from me in the way of a monthly live online Q&A, weekly actionable video/audio tips to take your life to the next level, and the support of others in the group.

What are the benefits of this group?

*Acquire tools you can use NOW to communicate better, enhance your relationships, and expand your circle of influence.

*The ability to grow strength and confidence in who you are and stand up for yourself and your ideas.

* Understand and enforce your own personal boundaries, take control of the direction that YOU will take your life.

*Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow travelers on the road to greatness and success in your personal and business life.

*Make life long friends and have the support of community.

*Enjoy life and see the future as supportive and limitless! Because IT IS!

All of this for only $8 a month. And that price will go up. This is a sign up for the waiting list only.

Enrollment only happens a few times a year. RIGHT NOW you have an opportunity to lock in at the above price and massively upscale your life for less than a couple of cups of coffee.

Fill out your info below and you will be the first to get a chance to up-level your life when registration begins soon.


Don’t know who I am and why you should sign up? (Uh, really?) Then here’s my bio:

Spike Spencer talks goofy for a living… Seriously

Spike Spencer is an internationally recognized, award winning voice actor and speaker, and the world’s #1 Master Trainer on Relationship Sales Dynamics™ - skyrocketing success in business and dating/relationships at the same time up to 300%. He is an author, certified Neuro-Lingusistic Programming (NLP) coach, and a certified B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales Trainer.

In the business world, Spike brings insights from over 20 years in the real estate investment world. He has flipped, wholesaled, landlorded, and managed millions of dollars worth of single family and multi family apartments. Using the Clear-Connect-Close strategies of his Relationship Sales Dynamics™ training, he helps entrepreneurs become more successful from the inside out.

Spike was also featured in a Netflix docu-series called “Being Dad,” from the Chicken Soup for the Soul production company.

Spike helps highly successful businessmen to become highly successful on their dating/relationship side. Spike has written for Neil Strauss, Men's Health, Your Tango, Singles Warehouse UK (Dating Expert),, Carlos Xuma, and more. Through his fun dating/relationships website,, Spike is helping guys become better MEN, constantly improving themselves, and communicating with women; utilizing cooking, food, travel, humor and adventure as the medium. He is also the author of "FoodGame™ - A Man’s Ultimate Recipe For Dating Success."