It's time to get CONned.

That's right, folks, CONfessionals is here. And so is Spike Spencer's debut as Vinnie, the Babbinflock's agent. Check out Episode 1 and 2 on Youtube and the rest on Anime Unlocked

In this episode, Rileigh Star (Cherami Leigh) and K Mickey Malcolm (J Michael Tatum) visit their respective agents and are informed of their next convention booking. Unfortunately for them, it's the same one - TexarcAnime. Meanwhile Jimmy (Jon Christie) harasses the office staff sniffing for terrorist activity, while Reese Babbinflock (Bryce Papenbrook) flirts with the office intern Lexi (Cassandra Lee Morris.)

Episode is the last episode of the series that will be posted on YouTube. In order to continue viewing the series, get CONnected with Anime Unlocked. So, more episodes, join the Unlocked community now.

And to see more of Spike Spencer, instead of just hearing him, repeat step one and join Unlocked.