What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con...? VOL. II!

Just a book cover teaser for ya…

Just a book cover teaser for ya…

Well, it is coming… Finally!

VOL. II is in the final stages. I am planning to release it on AUG 1st. Here is the description that is going on the Amazon book page. Pre sales will start soon.



Angels, devils, rock stars, porn stars, tornadoes, heart attacks, hook ups, angry squirrels, girls gone mild, fart bottles, baptists, buddhists, ancient hookers, “May I see some I.D. please”, oh my hentai, cartoon climaxes, “Howdy Sheriff”, up the river, down the river, blue flamers, booze, booze, booze and much more. All in a days Con.

The names and identities of all those involved have been absolutely omitted and will never see the light of day unless the person or persons involved in such acts wish to come forth on their own.

These stories have been told by those who were there or possibly second hand. Judge for yourself what is true and what is quite possibly an extreme exaggeration. Some of the telling of these stories has been spiced up some and a certain amount of dramatic license has occurred so that you will stay interested of course, but nothing to take away from the very real stories themselves. For my part, I know some of these to be absolutely true. I was there...

Anime conventions are a curious thing.

Around the world, virtually every weekend, at hotels, colleges, and conventions centers, thousands of people get together to share a wondrous common bond - a love of all things Anime.

For, usually 3 days, there are abundant curiosities, cosplay, exhibits, costumes, competitions, merchandise, video games, discussions, panels, drinking, parties, and celebrity guests to entice and entertain hordes of (predominantly normally introverted) fans of the genre.

Japanese Animation (Anime), though it has had a lower rung reputation for decades as a "Nerds Only" product, has gone mainstream. Hollywood has come calling, making movies based off of Anime, and Google reports up to 100 MILLION searches for Anime topics per month.

Anime is here to stay.

I have had the good fortune of being a celebrity guest at these conventions for over 14 years. Being an actor for over 30 years, I found the world of ADR (dubbing), as did so many other actors, through word of mouth and referrals from other actors.

When I began dubbing in 1993, it was simply another VO job. No one in the industry had any idea how big the Anime world would become. Or that appearing at conventions would even be a "thing."

But a "thing" it became.

Appearing at cons allowed me to travel the world, meet and befriend famous people, be treated like a celebrity, and (let's be honest) party my ass off in....

London, Montreal, Dublin, Sydney, Wellington, Toronto, NYC, Vancouver, Puerto Rico, Melbourne, Chicago, Miami, Brisbane, Christchurch, Perth, Seattle, Adelaide, Ottawa, Galway, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and more.

At cons, I was surrounded by awesome voice actors, film actors, Anime celebs, artists, and cosplayers, in a community of talented individuals who had the good fortune to be thrown together in a whirlwind of con craziness.

We appeared on panels together, signed autographs together, hung out with fans, and attended after parties. I have made some life long friends on the scene.

And I have a LOT of stories.

Being a writer, I penned What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con, VOL. I, in 2007. I have presented the stories in that book to thousands via my panels at cons. I have promised a VOL. II for many years. And now I am delivering.

This book has all the original stories (with an updated revision or two), and several new ones.

And I am including as many pics in this version that I can get approval for (no easy task, that).

I now have outgrown my wild party days. I am happily married, have a bouncing baby boy, and a growing business in other fields. I still make con appearances from time to time. I do love to travel. And maybe stir up a little silliness.

I hope you enjoy the crazy fun that is the convention scene. It has toned down somewhat, but it can still get crazy.


PS-I was the one in the tornado, the pick pocketer, and on the water slide.