Evangelion Onward. Shinji Signing Off.


The new Netflix dub of Evangelion is upon us!

The masses will decide as to the quality of the work done by the new cast and crew.

I for one, wish to congratulate every new voice actor who has taken up the mantle of Evangelion. In particular, I wish to congratulate Casey Mongillo, who has taken up the mantle of portraying Shinji.

As the English voice of Shinji for about 25 years, through the original series, and 6 sequential movies, I have had the privilege, the honor, and the responsibility to drive the character through all kinds of craziness, brought to us through the wild and amazing mind of Anno.

There is a special place in the hearts of many for Evangelion. It is far more than just an Anime series. It is, well, something more. Something deeper. There is literally “healing power” in this show.

What started out as just another acting job, for me, turned into something massive, transformative, and therapeutic. I mean, ugly crying, being on fire, battling evil angels, and screaming bloody murder is cathartic after all, right?

Over the years, I have been sent numerous emails, posts, and had many people profess to me at cons around the world, how Shinji’s struggles and triumphs helped them in their own lives.

Many of them thanked me profusely for the raw and real, vulnerable character that captured, and gave voice, to their own inner turmoil; that encapsulated how they felt in their own lives.

To be honest, I have not always taken this seriously. At first I had no idea of what Anime was and how serious people took it. Over time, I learned its power. Especially in Evangelion.

My own journey while Shinji was quite dramatic - divorce, bankruptcy, losing literally everything I knew and loved, narrowly side-stepping suicide, moving to LA (knowing only 4 people), rebuilding, finding I had a tidbit of notoriety in Anime, traveling the world, partying my ass off, then undergoing massive transformative self-improvement, finding my true love, having a baby boy, authoring several books, and rebuilding my real estate and coaching businesses.

Oh yeah, and talking in a bunch of silly voices. Yesterday I was a conniving duck.

Thanks, in no small part to Shinji, I was able to utilize my fame to not only appear at cons worldwide, but to create and present a self improvement program, aimed at strengthening men to be better, called “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips).”(www.dontkillyourdate.com).

It’s Foodie, it’s fun, and it has helped many men and women improve their communication and confidence and relationships. So, yes, among other things, Shinji is a dating coach. Iiiiiiiirony.

And if you’ve met my amazing wife, Kimberly Spencer at one of my panels, you know I gots the goods. Go Shinji, go Shinji….

Needless to say, Evangelion can be life changing. Especially for you, Casey Mongillo. Congratulations on jumping into the deep end of the pool. Oh the places you will go….

So, here is what to expect, and a couple tips for dealing with the Evangelion juggernaut that you have inherited.

You will be told to “Get in the Robot!” incessantly. By people who think it is the first time you have heard it, and they will think it is hilaaaarious! It will tend to get old. I believe it is not actually even in the show.

You will be asked to scream. This is totally up to you. For me, I’m not confirming nor denying that, back in the day, there may or may not have been a direct correlation between how well stocked in the adult beverage department the green rooms at cons were to the amount of screams I gave to fans.

“What are you, an idiot?!?” will be hurled at you from time to time. As long as you are not, at that moment being an idiot, the sting is minimal. I, many times, was being an idiot. So, the obvious answer at the time, was “well, duh.”

“In EoE, how did it feel to masturbate over Asuka?” Um, uh, er, weeell. Now, I know they think they are just being cheeky, but some of those outside of our industry, actually do seem to think we are all extremely serious method actors. I am not. You will have some very interesting conversations ahead of you. There was; however, a hilarious exchange between myself and my sistah from anotha mistah, Amanda Winn Lee, who directed the original EoE. My retelling might even be on them intrawebs somewhere!

You will be addressed as Shinji. This gets old fast. It is no biggie in most cases, but as you probably already know, there are some rabid fans, that don’t quite disconnect the two. This can sometimes be possibly dangerous. We recommend a safety word with security just in case. We have had many. My favorite was, “Ooooh Granny!” and possibly “Pancakes.”

You will be told EVERYTHING about some people’s personal life and pain. This one can be serious. I am sure you have dealt with plenty of fans at cons by now. But, wow. There will be some deep stuff that you will be privy to. Some of which, may make you want to contact the authorities. People will feel connected to you unlike anything else. It can be quite sobering.

You will feel loved. This I can say for certain. EVA fans are amazing. You will have touched a nerve in a whole new generation of fans, and for that I am very excited for you. There will be some detractors, and everybody has an opinion. Duly noted. But overall, the massive fan base will love you.

To the fans I say, give Casey an honest chance. I have not seen the show yet, and will be watching live tonight at our EVA OG Watch Party. I am going into it with a blank slate. It is not my story, but a new one. With a familiar through line. So I am interested to see where it goes too.

Casey, as your predecessor. I am sending you nothing but love.

Welcome to the family of 2. Shinjis all.

When we meet, if I may, I will gladly greet you with open arms and a big ole bear hug. Cuz I, and I alone, know the path you are about to travel, possibly for many years to come.

May it bring you massive amounts of joy, adventure, and good fortune.

To all the cast, some I know, some new, I say the same. Enjoy it all and welcome to the EVA family. Dysfunctional, wacky, whiny, screamy, exhilarating, creepy, beautiful, and sometimes just plain silly, though it may be, it is family nonetheless.

Once again, to the fans… Thank you. For 25 years I have been the Shinji that many of you have grown up with. Many of you have even introduced your children to EVA (oh boy…). You have given me tons of love, admiration, and respect. Just know that I am still here. I am still that Shinji. Your Shinji.

Now it is time for a new generation to meet Shinji #2, and start their journey.

After all… God’s in his heaven, All’s right with the world.

Shinji #1, out.

If you wish to join in on the EVA OG Watch Party online tonight Friday June 21st at 7 PM to watch Amanda Winn Lee and Spike Spencer watch the first episode and have a Q&A afterward, go to http://bit.ly/EVAOGs and get signed up ASAP. Registration closes at 5 pm PST.

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Spike Spencer is an internationally recognized, award winning voice actor and speaker, and the world’s #1 Master Trainer on Relationship Sales Dynamics™ - skyrocketing success in business and dating/relationships at the same time up to 300%. He is an author, certified NLP coach, and a certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer.

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